Dear Friends,

We will all be very busy in the coming weeks, but as we prepare for Christmas, it is worth spending a few moments reflecting on one of the key messages of the season: God sharing our life.

When you look beyond the familiar and moving Biblical accounts of Jesus’ birth, the gospel writers are concerned that we should understand that in this child God comes to the human family. As St John puts it at the start of his Gospel: ‘…and the Word became flesh and lived among us.’ This is an earth shattering truth for suddenly God has come to share our life and also to raise us up to share the life of God.

In His life and ministry, Jesus associated with those who were on the margins and helped them to feel valued and wanted. In His betrayal and death, he knew the depths of human suffering. God in Jesus has shared our world and every aspect of human life, indeed even death itself. In his resurrection, Jesus raises up fallen humanity and gives us a pledge that sin and suffering are not the end. The life and triumph of Jesus gives hope, even in a world that may still seem split by violence and division.

We invite you to come and take part in some of our services and offer together prayer and praises to God. As we worship, we can also hold before God those who are most in need, both at home and abroad.

Every blessing for Christmas & the New Year.

Simon Talbott –Priest in Charge, St Mary’s Great Shelford

and St Andrew’s, Stapleford

Advent & Christmas services & greeting 2018