St Marys Church adopted Posada at Christmas. Mary, Joseph and a donkey (knitted figures!) embarked on a journey round the parish looking for a place to stay before arriving at Bethlehem (St Marys Church) on Christmas Eve. Each night the figures were entertained as guests by members of the congregation and the hosts kept a diary recording what they did with their guests. Here is a selection from the diary:

‘They enjoyed a meal with us by the light of the first candle on our Advent wreath’

‘They came swimming with us and watched from the side’

‘They watched us make Christmas cards’

‘We sang some Christmas carols’

‘acted out the story of their journey to Bethlehem’

‘They declined a gin and tonic’ !

‘They settled for the night, cosy by the fire’

‘We liked them staying with us’

‘I met new friends who brought Mary, Joseph and the donkey to stay’

Posada was a great success in bringing home the message of the Holy Family’s journey to Bethlehem and the plight of other homeless families, especially at this cold and wet time of year. We will repeat it next year, and hope you will join in too.