Faith at home with St Mary’s Church Sunday Club

Hello everybody

I hope you are keeping nice and warm at home.

This week we are thinking about Jesus being baptised by his cousin John.

Here is a video for you to watch:

remember the dove in the story? here is one for you to make:

Supplies Needed:

  • White paper plate (the cheap kind)

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • String or ribbon

  • Yellow Paper

First, cut the paper plate into thirds in big strips (see picture below). The outside pieces become the wings, and the middle becomes the body of the dove. Cut the dove’s tail and body from the middle section after cutting the wings free. The dove’s body is easy to draw because it’s just shaped like a snowman. Draw the lines you need to cut on the back of the paper plate. That way, when you flip it over the marker lines won’t show. See picture below:Cut on your lines, and then assemble like a dove with one of the big wings on each side. Secure the wings on the back of the dove with tape. Draw on some simple feet, a beak, and 2 eyes with markers.


With love


Families and children are warmly welcome at St Mary’s and we have close links with Great & Little Shelford CofE (A) Primary School, which is next door to the church.