Faith at home with St Mary’s Church Sunday Club

Hello everybody!

Did you enjoy the sunny weather? I think the plants will be please dt to have a long drink of water now. This week’s story is about Jesus on the water, the Sea of Galilee. Here is what happened:

Jesus calms the storm

Have you ever been in a storm? Did you like to hear the thunder and see the lightning and the rain or did you find it a bit scary? This video is about a storm when Jesus was on a very small boat on the sea with His friends the disciples:

here is something you can make to remind you of the story

You need:

A clean jar with a lid

A cocktail stick

Some clear vegetable oil or baby oil

Food colouring

White paper and brown cardboard

Sticky tape like parcel tape

Glue (not Pritt stick)

Fold a piece of cardboard in half and cut a little boat shape out of it. Use your scissors to cut a little hole in the bottom of the boat.

cut a sail shape out of the white paper

Poke the cocktail stick  through the hole in the boat and holes in the sail. Trim toothpick with scissors. Now you have your little boat.

Fill the jar part way up with water.

Drop some blue food colouring into the water. Drop your little boat in the water. It should float upright. Fill the rest of the jar with oil. Make sure you fill all the way to the top so that there are no air bubbles.

Screw lid on tightly. It may be a good idea to use the glue round the edge of the jar before screwing the lid on, so there are no leaks

Shake the jar and watch your little ship bob and dip on the stormy seas!


Have fun!


With love


Families and children are warmly welcome at St Mary’s and we have close links with Great & Little Shelford CofE (A) Primary School, which is next door to the church.