Faith at home with St Mary’s Church Sunday Club

Hello everybody

This Sunday we are celebrating Jesus the King!


Do you know what a King or Queen is?

What does our Queen do? Does she wear anything special? Does she have people to look after her, drive her to places, cook her meals?

Here is a video of the Queens coronation so you can see what the Royal things a  King or Queen has:


Why do we call Jesus a King? He didn’t have special robes or a crown and sceptre.

Jesus is a king, but a different kind of king than we’re used to. He isn’t a king with a gold and jewel crown, who has riches and jewels and servants, and who orders people and armies around. Jesus is a king, but the best kind of king. He is the King of Heaven (where he promises to take us), the King of Love (which he offers to us freely), the King of Sacrifice, who takes all of our sins and the things we do wrong, and He wipes them away.

Jesus doesn’t want to be king of countries and armies, He wants to be the King of our hearts and our lives. He is the most wonderful King, the best kind of King, a King who wants to give us forgiveness, love, heaven, and eternal life with Him!

Here are a couple of songs to join in with:

You could make a crown to wear out of a strip of cardboard and decorate it with glitter, stickers, crayons etc watch this video (link to template included) to see how to do it:

Have fun, and remember JESUS IS KING!

With love


Families and children are warmly welcome at St Mary’s and we have close links with Great & Little Shelford CofE (A) Primary School, which is next door to the church.