Faith at home with St Mary’s Church Sunday Club

Hello everybody

Did you all enjoy eating pancakes last Tuesday?

The day after Shrove`Tuesday (pancake day) is called Ash Wednesday and iss the start of a special period in the church’s year called Lent. Lent is the six weeks before Easter ehen new try and turn our thoughts to God instead of to ourselves. Traditiona;;y people give something up like sweets or chocolate. Chocolate is something that mice are very fond of so Mary Mouse will not be eating any chocolate in Lent!

But you don’t have to give something up. You could do something to please God instead, like being especially helpful to Mummy and Daddy or other people

Here is a video about Ash Wednesday;

And something for you to do:

You need:

A large branched twig you could collect on a walk, or you could draw a tree with branches on a large sheet of paper

Leaf shapes cut out of  a sheet of paper, green if possible, but you could always colour white paper green

Each day during Lent write, or ask someone to write for you, something good that you have done for someone else that day on one of the leaves and attach that leaf to the tree.

At the end of Lent, at Easter I hope your tree will be covered with leaves!

Have fun!


With love


Families and children are warmly welcome at St Mary’s and we have close links with Great & Little Shelford CofE (A) Primary School, which is next door to the church.