Within the village we give financial support and some practical help to the Stapleford and Shelford Youth Initiative (SSYI). This is an inter-church Youth Club formed in 1996 to provide a safe meeting place for teenagers from 12-18 years. It is open to all, regardless of religious belief, race, gender or ability.

Upcoming Youth Group

We have a new Youth Group hoping to meet in the Community Room once a month, and are looking for people to join in to properly get it up and running.

Within this group, we aim to have conversations about personal belief and faith, paired with modern-day world viewpoints – including gender identity; the LGBT community and other aspects of young people’s lives – that hopefully faith can help to provide answers to or support with.

Mental health is also something we wish to discuss, as prayer and worship of God can help build a relationship with Him, and help improve mental health amongst young people. Finally, faith in general is declining amongst the younger generation, therefore our hope is to welcome anyone who is interested in Christianity – whether they view themselves as religious or not – to our Church community.