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Reflection for the month - June

Babel and Pentecost.

Voltaire tells us of a lady at the court of Versailles who thought it a great pity that the bother at the Tower of Babel (Gen 11: 1-9) should have got language all mixed up; but for that everyone would always have spoken French!  After Babel mutual understanding has always been a problem for the human race.

It was thus at the time of Jesus. After His resurrection and ascension his disciples, were tremulously awaiting His promise of the ‘coming of the Holy Spirit’ (Acts 1: 5).   It was the Festival of Pentecost, (the Jewish Feast of Weeks), and Jerusalem was teeming with pilgrims from many nations there to celebrate, and all speaking in their widely differing native languages.  Without warning the house in which the disciples were hiding was filled with the sound of a gale force wind. Then, like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through them and they went out boldly and began speaking so that everyone there heard their message in his mother tongue. (Acts 2: 1-11).

The confusion of Babel was overcome. God on that day prepared the way, the way we follow today, for the spread of the gospel, the good news of salvation offered by Jesus Christ to all people irrespective of nationality or language.  


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